Corporate Comedy Company

Whether the conditions are live, high stakes, have a tight deadline, or require significant teamwork, knowing how ideas are presented and received in improvised situations is critical in achieving your goals. We can teach you! Whether you are looking for a one time workshop, a regular partnership, or if you are looking for entertainment for your special event, we can satisfy any request anywhere in the United States!


Private Events

Looking for entertainment? All we require are 2 chairs to perform! We can perform at your chosen location or host your group at our home in Chicago, The Comedy Clubhouse. Whether you are looking for our signature performance or you would like something more customized for your meeting, presentation, or conference, we are experienced improvisers and comedians that can satisfy all of your needs! Our rates start as low as $300.


Regardless of your industry, we can teach you or your team how to be more effective communicators, to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, to work together effectively, and to generate ideas efficiently with an eye towards the group's common goals. Hire us for a lunch time break, a Friday afternoon endeavor, or a morning pick me up! Our rates start as low as $300.


Our partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships that are meant for the long term. Our entertainment partnerships are for those looking for regular entertainment (ex. hotels, restaurants, schools). Our corporate partnerships are for regular consulting in communication, teamwork, and adaptability. Our sponsorship partnerships are for corporations looking to offer our members discounts, opportunities, or financial sponsorship. Rates are customized for each partnership.

Immersive Comedy

We are the only organization that specializes in Immersive Comedy, where improvisers and comedians are placed in context of a specific event. Place us at a table at your wedding reception and we'll be the table of "people" you invited to "rub it in our faces". Have us come in to the office on Friday at 3pm for a "department takeover". Hire us to be the last 5 people in your graduation whose names start with Zz. Whatever it is, we can add levity and fun to any event in a creative, immersive way!




Mike Abdelsayed

Artistic Director

Mike is not just the owner of The Comedy Clubhouse in Chicago but the founder of One Group Mind, the architect of the Improvisers Guild and the Artistic Director of The Titanic Players. Mike was an iO coach, an understudy for Keegan Michael-Key at Second City, and a member of Second City's Outreach and Diversity Company. Many of his students have continued successful careers in The Office, Community, Arrested Development, Saturday Night Live, Reno 911!, the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Cougartown, The Mindy Project, Man Seeking Woman, Last Man on Earth, Key and Peele, Parks and Recreation, the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and the Ellen Degeneres show, to name just a few! In addition to 25 years of improvisational experience, Mike graduated from Northwestern University with a double major in Economics and Communications. He was an experienced Financial Adviser at Merrill Lynch, a Consultant in many major banks and a Senior Business Analyst and Information Technology Solutions Analyst for a Fortune 300 company.

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