The Improvisers Guild

Empowering Improvisers World Wide

The Improvisers Guild is an online community dedicated to empowering improvisers by providing training, resources, and career opportunities to people who are interested in pursuing improvisation as a hobby or career.



The Improvisers Guild is an online community for improvisers, complete with blogs on topics related to the improviser community, venue listings, open mic listings, festival listings, rehearsal space listings, and more.


Read and contribute to our Improv Theory! A complete online guide to studying and teaching improvisation complete with videos, exercises, definitions, and discussions. Find ratings and discounts on classes, teachers, books, and institutions.  


Resources to help build your career! Audition listings, paid performance opportunities, benefits and discounts, workspaces to collaborate with your teammates, and a place to post your skills for hire round out our Career Resources.

Our network is currently being piloted by over 200 members and will be released soon!


Remote Membership

$3 a month/$25 a year/$50 lifetime

Don't live near one of our training centers and want to learn about improvisation? Run your own group or theater and need a structured lesson plan with exercises? Subscribe to our online community to receive online resources. Our online Education Center is a complete step by step process to learning and teaching improvisation and comes complete with definitions, theory, and exercises. Our Video Center has over 3000 videos of live performances. and it's growing exponentially every day!


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