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Find Your Voice

STAND-UP: Welcome

All of our stand-up instructors have extensive experience in touring, hosting, and producing successful stand-up shows. We'll use the Expansion tree to take you through some methods of joke discovery, help you with your presence, and find your voice. We'll also give you quality repetitions in environments that are appropriate for your growth.



No prior experience necessary. Our Apprentices are in a 12 week training program, meeting once a week, followed by 12 weeks of performances, also once a week. You will learn the basics of our improv theory including the basic techniques we use to expand on scenes and move from scene to scene.  We will use long form improv as a means of generating material in a short amount of time and developing rapid-fire joke identification to prepare you for the Stand-up Ensemble. As your improvised performance, you will perform improvised scenes inspired by improvised monologues. Each Apprentice group is limited to 16 people.


Our Ensemble members have stand-up workshops for 12 weeks, once a week, followed by 12 weeks of stand-up shows, also once a week. They repeat this 6 month cycle in perpetuity or until they are promoted to the role of House Comic. The goal is to get into the habit of writing material, then perfecting its delivery in live performance, and then extending the length of your set. Rinse. Repeat. Our Ensemble standup comics work in groups with an assigned teacher for direction. You will continue to use improv as a means of generating material as well as share material with your ensemble for feedback. Each Ensemble group is limited to 12 people.


For those looking to pursue stand-up more rigorously, we promote some of our ensemble members to join our House Comics. Our House Comics can sign up for a longer 8-10 minute slot, on their own schedule, in our critically acclaimed show Toasted, a show where we Roast and then Toast an audience member. We will use a few comic workshops to train you in the art of roasting as well as hosting a stand-up show.

We also extend additional benefits to house members and above: 

  1. Pay for private events (Minimum $25 for home show, minimum $50 for away, up to $250 per show) 

  2. Can perform in any Ensemble form as a last minute sub

  3. Comic Listed on with booking link

  4. We manage negotiations, contracts, invoices, insurance, communication, payments, and customer follow-up for any gig booked through your booking link


When a comic is experienced enough, they are promoted to an Artisan. Artisans work with other Artisans to share industry tactics, approaches, and opportunities. You gain insight on how to book yourself, design a tour, and create your own show. We provide a dedicated page on our website, complete with clips, for customers to reach out to you for hire. If you like, we can handle negotiations, insurance, and management with the client on your behalf. Artisans can also sign up for our Main Stage Mic, the most prominent stand-up slot in our lineup, for a 12 minute or more slot, on their own schedule.

We also extend additional benefits to Artisan members: 

  1. Paid hosting ($15 per show)

  2. Pay to headline our Main Stage Mic ($35 per show)

  3. Right of first refusal for any corporate or touring performances (Anywhere from $200-$400 depending on event)

  4. Agent Introduction where appropriate 

Become a Member

$50 a month (per discipline)

Receive training, performances, perks, compensation, and opportunities to build your career. Whether it is a show or rehearsal, you will have something to do every week. Specialize in the discipline that makes you feel comfortable or add other disciplines if your goal is to be well-rounded. 

We believe in keeping our membership as low as possibility to be as accessible to as many people as possible. We haven't raised it since we began the membership based system in 2011. We have been adding perks from day one. Join us!

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