The Comedy Clubhouse

1462 N. Ashland, Chicago, IL 60622

We provide education, training, performances, and resources to aspiring comedians and improvisers. We are dedicated to reducing the cost of studying improvisation and elevating the craft to a profession by helping to promote our member's professional careers.


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Our mission is to provide a more valuable training experience in the art of improvised theater by giving teams long-term, predictable performance schedules with a consistent cast under the guidance of experienced teachers.


We are a membership-based organization that collects monthly dues from its members in exchange for providing a growing list of benefits. It is our mission to reduce the financial barriers to studying improvisation and to provide incentives to studying it for a long time.  Our list of benefits continues to grow rapidly:


We have all kinds of performances at The Comedy Clubhouse including written, improvised, and stand-up. To see more of what The Comedy Clubhouse has to offer in terms of performances, visit our website!


We have over 160 members performing regularly at The Comedy Clubhouse. Click here to see our active teams and members, our coaches, our historical membership, and our notable members!


We hold auditions whenever we have the opportunity to provide new teams with regular performances.  If an open audition sign-up isn't listed below, then our notification sign up list will be there instead.


We're thankful for all the articles that have been written about us as well as our members' raves! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION! COMING SOON!)


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