Our members have continued successful careers on NBC, CBS, and Comedy Central on such shows as the Office, Community, Man Seeking Woman, the Mindy Project, and SNL to name just a few. Find out our current casts and brows our notable members!

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Teams on Campus

Grandmother's Mistress

Avery Powell, Brandon Sak, Dora Grossman-Weir, Graham Kirstein, Jake Curtis, Makaa Copeland

Hot Chapstick

Willa Barnett, Angela Cheng, Isaiah Frank, Madi Hart, Griffin Johnston, Ellis Jones, Natalie Musicant, Ross Turkington

The New Pope

Arshad Baruti, Kieran Bondy, Isaac Dodson, Carly Griffin-Fiorella, Justin Kuhn, Amanda Lifford, Sasha Rechler, Kaela Rosenbaum, JT Tsuchiya, Ravina Thakkar (in memorium)

Pee Shy

Sam Buttress, Olivia Drury, Eli Gordon, Anelga Hajjar, Juliet Huneke, Carden Katz, Max Kroll, Nena Martins, Almaya Wiley-Yancey


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