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There are no rules, just cause and effect

IMPROV: Welcome

All of our improv teachers draw from one consistent theory, the Expansion Tree, which can be seen as the "string theory" to all long form improvisation. Discovered in 2005, the Expansion Tree arms the improviser and group with techniques that can be used to react to any and every situation. The process stresses truly reacting to the dynamic of the piece as the events unfold, rather than using a defined structure that may be predictable to the audience. The presentation usually involves a more cohesive performance that stays ahead of audience expectations while allowing the artists to collaborate together using a common language. More importantly, it allows the comedian to learn and practice comedy in a productive environment.



No prior experience necessary. Our Apprentices are in a 12 week training program, meeting once a week, followed by 12 weeks of live shows, performing once a week. You will learn the basics of our improv theory, The Expansion Tree, including, characters, relationship, and the basic techniques we use to expand on scenes and move from scene to scene.  As your long form performance, you will perform improvised scenes inspired by monologues.

Each Apprentice group will be limited to a maximum of 24 people.


After the Apprentice Program, some of our Apprentices will be invited to join our Ensemble Cast. Our Ensemble members have rehearsals for 12 weeks, meeting once a week, followed by 12 weeks of once a week performances. Ensemble members repeat this 6 month cycle until they have mastered: 

  • The Direct Expansion Tree – Teaches storytelling, characters, and relationships while using walk-ons, tag-outs, swinging doors, split scenes, and transformations to get from scene to scene.  

  • The Indirect Expansion Tree - Teaches ideas, jokes, themes, commentaries, and tangents, while using cut to's, runs, absurd universes, and starting in the middle to get from scene to scene.

Each Ensemble cast is limited to a maximum of 20 people.


For those looking to pursue improv more rigorously, we invite some of our Ensemble members to join our House cast.

The House will learn 8 new, more complex forms. Our ultimate goal is to free the improviser from any form and to have the form discovered, and possibly dictated, by the audience suggestion. (Example: the suggestion of "traffic" might lead one scene scene to get "backed up" behind another scene, and the third scene to be ushered in by a police officer managing the "traffic" of the scenes. Scenes might "merge" or "crash into each other" at the end of the show. This is the form "traffic" discovered on the spot, from the audience suggestion, showing them nothing could have been planned.) 

We also extend additional benefits to House members and above: 

  1. Pay for private events ($25 minimum at home shows, $50 minimum for away shows) 

  2. Can perform in any Ensemble form as a sub

  3. Listed on


Our most accomplished improvisers are invited to join our Artisan cast. Our Artisans perform weekly, on the weekend, and only have rehearsals when the cast or coach requests one.  

We also extend additional benefits to Artisan members: 

  1. Paid corporate and touring events with right of first refusal

  2. Featured on with performance day and time 

  3. Agent introduction where appropriate 

  4. Festival submission reimbursement after acceptance 

Become a Member

$50 a month (per discipline)

Receive training, performances, perks, compensation, and opportunities to build your career. Whether it is a show or rehearsal, you will have something to do every week. Specialize in the discipline that makes you feel comfortable or add other disciplines if your goal is to be well-rounded. 

We believe in keeping our membership as low as possibility to be as accessible to as many people as possible. We haven't raised it since we began the membership based system in 2011. We have been adding perks from day one. Join us!

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