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A safe space to make mistakes and learn from them


We train improvisers, comics, writers, and creatives to perform regularly on our stages. Because of how we are structured, our organization has great incentive to invest in our members' training, to have them perform well, and to do the best we can to help promote and support them. Our system guides you from Apprentice to Artisan within your Comedy Discipline.

All of our teachers and coaches draw from one consistent theory, called The Expansion Tree. We use this theory as a common language to collaborate on all things comedy. In addition to regular classes and rehearsals with experienced coaches and teachers, we also supplement your education with a private, online Education Resource Center complete with videos and explanations.

Whether it is by watching, reading, or doing, we're here to help you learn! Select the links below for more information on each comedy discipline and how to sign up!



Learn how to improvise extended group pieces. We'll teach up to 10 forms, and all of the unique techniques associated with them. The goal? Be one of our Artisan teams performing weekly on the weekends that discover the piece as it unfolds before them.


Learn how to do stand-up comedy in an environment conducive to your growth. We'll teach you what it takes to develop presence, identify joke opportunities, and extend the length and quality of your set with the ultimate goal of performing in our Main Stage Mic and Toasted.


Learn how to write and perform one of our Theatricals. Our Theatrical showcases 8 actors performing up to 100 characters in a single play using long form technique to get from scene to scene. The goal? Be one of our Artisan members that perform in the Main Stage Theatrical.

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