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It benefits to be a member

PERKS: Welcome

We are a membership based organization that collects monthly dues in exchange for providing training, performances, perks, compensation, and career-building resources. We reward our members with additional perks as they become more tenured within our organization. All of our members receive the following Perks regardless of their member designation:


Regular Performances

All of our members perform regularly and frequently at The Comedy Clubhouse in Chicago, the highest rated venue in the city. Our members perform a minimum of 24 times a year with some as many as 50 or more. In addition to regular performances, Members may also be asked to perform in our Main Stage Theatrical, Main Stage Showcases, Main Stage Mic, and Main Stage Improv Ensemble as well as Curated slots and Sign-up Slots.

Regular Education

Whether in regular rehearsals, classes, or online, we work hard to make sure you learn and get better. With us, you are a permanent performing member right away and we have a vested interest in making you better and having you long term.

Admission Commission

We give you 50% of the ticket price for every audience member that says they are there to see you. (*Paid quarterly, member must be active.)


We provide direct compensation to performers for corporate performances, touring performances, and off-hour buy-outs.

Sponsored Show Program

Put up your own show! As a member, any show you petition will get 2 instances without charge. We supply the space, the staff, the ticketing, and all the administrative support. You market the show, perform, and receive 50% of total ticket sales! If the show is successful, we negotiate a longer term extension.

Complimentary Tickets

Get 2 Free Complimentary Tickets for every one of your performances. Unlimited complimentary tickets for industry representatives that you invite.

Free Admission

Get Free Admission to all One Group Mind performances at The Comedy Clubhouse. Learn by watching experienced comedians!

Recorded Performances

We record most performances and make them available online for studying or building your portfolio!

Anonymous Reporting System

Our members can report any discomfort and communicate anonymously to seek a resolution. Reports are monitored and administered by an independent third-party Conflict Resolution Specialist who is not in the entertainment industry.

I Got Your Back Fund

In addition to other sources of funding from Specific Showcases, we ask all of our audience members if they would like to contribute to our I Got Your Back Fund. We use the proceeds to offer membership scholarships to those that are financially disadvantaged due to historical and systemic inequities.

Work Assistance Program

We have partnerships with City Staffing and Satiated Artists, two companies that assist our members in finding employment that is compatible with the schedules of performers.

Staff Program

Our box office, tech, cleaning, food service, and bookkeeping staff are all members that are paid hourly.


All of our members are invited to join our annual Q & A with members of SAG-AFTRA who answer all of our questions regarding the industry and the best way to build a career.

Professional Support Network

We offer our members access to approved professionals in the fields of insurance, law, finance, and more. These professionals have agreed to reduced fees or free consultations and, in some cases, contributions to our I Got Your Back Fund

And we'll add more!

Our membership program began in 2011 with just training and half as many performances with no additional perks. Since then, we have added everything you see here without ever increasing membership. We work together to make it easier for us to study our craft. Join Us!

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