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Regular performances in a venue with a reputation for great work


Most of our members perform at The Comedy Clubhouse, a 50 seat comedy club located at the nexus of the Chicago neighborhoods of Wicker Park, Bucktown, Lincoln Yards, and Noble Square at 1462 N. Ashland, Chicago, IL 60622. We have all types of comedic performances that our members can participate in.


Main Stage Theatrical

Our Main Stage Theatrical features 8 actors playing over 100 characters in 1 play that uses no props and long form improv technique to get from one scene to the next. Our last theatrical was a Critic's Pick in PerformInk.

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Main Stage Mic

Our Main Stage Mic features our top House and Artisan comics alongside a top Chicago or National Headliner. Our venue was a finalist in the Chicago Reader for Best Venue for Stand-up.


Main Stage Showcases

Chosen from the best across the entire organization, this show highlights diverse and underrepresented talent.


Main Stage Improv Ensemble

Chosen from the best improvisers in the organization, this group performs short, mid, and long form improvisation in a single performance slot.

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A show where our stand-up comics perform stand-up sets and then follow it up with a Roast and Toast of an Audience Member. This show was named Top 9 Places for Laughs by the Chicago Reader

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House Improv

The House learn 8 new forms with the ultimate goal of exploring pieces that discover the form as the piece is performed. They perform every other week on the weekends.


House Theatrical

Our House Theatricals perform weekly. Similar to our Main Stage Theatrical, this theatrical features up to 9 performers performing over 100 characters in 1 play.


Theatrical Ensembles

This performance has our Theatrical Ensemble members performing original scripted material, curated by a director, in cycles of 3 months training followed by 3 months of performing.

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Stand-up Ensembles

The Stand-up Ensemble is for our Ensemble Members in the Stand-up Comedy Discipline. They are on a constant cycle of writing for 12 weeks, then performing their newly written set, or sets, for 12 weeks.


Improv Ensembles

This performance slot is for our Ensemble members in the Improv Comedy Discipline. These members learn different forms, along with their techniques, and perform them in this slot.


Sponsored Show Program

Put up your own show! As a member, any show you petition will get 2 instances without charge. We supply the space, the staff, the ticketing, and all the administrative support. You market the show, perform, and receive 50% of total ticket sales. If the show is successful we negotiate a long term extension.

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