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Up to 10 performers, Up to 100 characters, 1 play


Our Main Stage Theatrical is a full length comedic play with up to 10 actors performing up to 100 characters. It uses long form improv editing technique to get from one scene to the next, rather than props, lighting, costumes, or other traditional theater scene changes. The result is a roller coaster ride of scenes that showcase the performer in not only a primary role, but shows their versatility in multiple characters, as well.



No prior experience necessary. Our Apprentices are in a 12 week training program, meeting once a week, followed by 12 weeks of live shows. You will learn the basics of improv editing technique and story telling as well as the language we use to create. We will use an improvised form called the Direct Expansion Tree as a means of generating potential scene ideas that could be written should you join the Ensemble. Each Apprentice group is limited to 16 people.


Our Ensemble members have rehearsals for 12 weeks followed by 12 weeks of performances. We will use improvisation in combination with writing assignments to write the specific kinds of scenes that exist in a theatrical, like gauntlets, choreographed- to-music scenes, and absurd universes. For our performances, we perform a lineup of the best scenes and stories we created ordered by a Director. Ensemble members can repeat this process in perpetuity or until they accept a promotion to the House Theatrical. Each Ensemble group is limited to 16 people.


For those looking to pursue more rigorously, we invite some of our ensemble members to join a Theatrical House team of no more than 12 people. These members work to write and perform a complete theatrical regularly in a weekend prime time slot. They are under the direction of a former or current Artisan Theatrical Member. This slot is heavily promoted.

We also extend additional benefits to House members and above: 

  1. Pay for private theatrical events ($25 minimum at home shows, $100 for away shows) 

  2. Can perform in any Ensemble show as an understudy

  3. Theatrical featured on

  4. Festival submission reimbursement after acceptance 


When a member becomes experienced enough, they are promoted to an Artisan and perform in our Main Stage Theatrical. The members of the Main Stage Theatrical are heavily promoted, and enjoy a prime time slot on Saturday nights. 

We also extend additional benefits to Artisan members: 

  1. Pay for ALL public performances at The Comedy Clubhouse ($15 per show)

  2. Theatrical and Cast featured on

  3. Right of first refusal for paid corporate and touring events 

  4. Agent introduction where appropriate 

A Main Stage Theatrical that was a Critic's Pick


Become a Member

$50 a month (per discipline)

Receive training, performances, perks, compensation, and opportunities to build your career. Whether it is a show or rehearsal, you will have something to do every week. Specialize in the discipline that makes you feel comfortable or add other disciplines if your goal is to be well-rounded. 

We believe in keeping our membership as low as possibility to be as accessible to as many people as possible. We haven't raised it since we began the membership based system in 2011. We have been adding perks from day one. Join us!

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